Growing Corn

Growing corn is a challenging job for anyone. especially for the small, hobby farmer. It's better to grow corn if you have a lot of space and a lot of fields to do it on. Without that, growing corn will be hard especially if you plan on selling the corn out on the market. Corn costs a lot of money to grow but luckily once the planting is done, there isn't much work to be done and you can just sit and watch your corn grow tall.

Corn can be grown anywhere, but the corn plant's maturity time depends on the amount of heat it receives. Corn need well worked, fertile soil with good drainage, and a full sun to grow well. Sow the corn seeds right into the ground right have the first crop. Plant the corn seeds 2 to 4 inches apart in short rows that form a block. This type of planting ensures corn sees pollination. Pollination of the corn crop is very important to growing the right cobs otherwise you won't be growing anything!

Although corn you can be grown closer together than this, the roots get too close together and the corn requires more water. Corn is a heavy user of nitrogen so get nitrogen rich fertilizer. Fertilize in the spring and also when the corn is 8 inches tall, then finally when the corn is 18 inches high. Hill soil around the ground to help support the corn stalks. This way when the stalks will stay up and not bend or saw around. Fertilizing the soil will ensure your plants get the right nutrients while they are growing and ensure you get healthy and tasty corn.

Watering is very important for growing corn. You must keep the soil evenly moist. Corn corn grows every fast during hot weather and the leaves wilt because the roots can't keep the leaves supplied with water so you must water often. Make sure you do not get water in the corn tassels though. The pollen has to fall from the tassel onto the corn silk to make kernels, and if pollination does not occur, all that will grow is the cob. Weed early and often! Keep the weeds back. Corn has shallow roots, and weeds will destroy the roots and ruin the corn crop.

Growing corn is not a hard process but it takes the right amount of skill. You need to know about weeds, fertilizer, and lighting. You can grow corn under a lot of conditions and if you choose to grow corn, you should follow the advice above as well as talk to locals at the local seed and fertilizer shop to get advice and tips about planting and growing corn. Remember- it doesn't take a lot of work to grow corn but if you don't plant the right type of corn, you will have wasted a plant. Make sure you do your research and follow these tips to raise the right corn.

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